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Don't Forget the Rest of Us

I love the Internet. From browsing the latest advancements in technology on Wired, to enjoying user generated content on Imgur. On Amazon I can buy every single useless thing I've ever wanted without leaving my bed. With the Internet I can find and do anything.

Turning Virtual Reality into Reality


For the past two decades technologists and entrepreneurs have been chasing the dream of virtual reality only to create nauseating devices making the users want to throw up.

Now, we are blessed with a bold startup recently acquired for $2 billion by Facebook that has cracked this haunting problem to place VR at the forefront of innovation.

The Expansive Limitations of the Human Body

Ever since we have inhabited the earth, we have been continuously enhancing our bodies and extending our limitations. From repeatedly faster world records during each olympic event due to rigorous training, to the use of technology to allow us to stay underwater for minutes on end and even survive in space we have been finding ways to push the limits of what our bodies can withstand and do.